The digital Faroese COVID pass

The new digital COVID pass for people vaccinated in the Faroe Islands is now available. It will make it easier
for anyone travelling overseas on vacation or for work.

You can install the COVID pass in your mobile phone ready to show whenever and wherever it is required

The COVID pass is used as proof of the following:

That you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and eight days have passed since your second vaccination, and/or
That you have tested negative for COVID-19 within the previous 72 hours

How the COVID pass works

  1. You download the COVID pass to your mobile phone. You must be registered with the official digital
    platform Samleikin to retrieve your COVID pass

  2. When you log in, your COVID pass will be automatically updated, indicating that you have a valid
    COVID pass if you have been fully vaccinated. You can also include your negative COVID test in your
    COVID pass

  3. The COVID pass contains information about vaccination status and COVID test results which,
    according to an EU agreement, need to be documented when you arrive in a country or travel from

Hand holding an iPhone

Download you COVID pass here

If you have any questions about the COVID pass you can call +298 34 52 00. For questions about Samleikin, call 1881.
You can also send an email to

How to download the COVID pass to an iPhone

How to download the COVID pass to an Android

Include yuour COVID test result in your COVID pass

More about the COVID pass

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into application on 1 July 2021. This means that citizens and residents of EU and Schengen countries will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across their respective borders. Each country can still establish its own requirements for quarantine. Before you travel, be sure to check the specific entry requirements in the country of destination.

The European COVID certificate has been developed and agreed jointly by European countries in order to ensure an agreed documentation of negative test results and full vaccination status when you travel in EU and Schengen countries.
In most cases you can also use the yellow international (WHO) vaccination card that you received when you were first vaccinated

What the COVID pass documents

The Faroese digital COVID pass is proof of full vaccination and COVID test results, but all EU and Schengen countries still have the right to set their own requirements for testing and quarantine upon entry. This will be based on the status of the pandemic in the country from which you are travelling. It is therefore recommended that you always check the specific regulations in the country of destination.

Download the COVID pass here:

Difficulties with older browsers

Unfortunately it is not possible to access the COVID pass using a Safari browser on an iPhone 6 or older. Try another browser such as Google Chrome if you are having trouble accessing the COIVD pass.

If you are tested in an EU or Schengen country

If you are tested for COVID-19 in an EU or Schengen country, the test result will be issued in the European COVID pass in the country in which you are tested and not in the Faroese COVID pass.

The COVID pass does not guarantee you a seat in a restaurant

The Faroese COVID pass has been developed as documentation for international travel. It does not ensure you access to restaurants or other venues.

The EU is encouraging all member countries to mutually approve their respective COVID passes for access to venues, if or when such requirements are made locally. It is therefore recommended that you check the local requirements before you travel.

Scanning the COVID pass

All EU and Schengen countries can scan the COVID pass. This is, however. not necessarily a requirement when you cross a border in the EU/Schengen area.

When your test result is no longer valid

If your test result is no longer valid while you are travelling, your COVID pass will not work. The country to which you have travelled will decide whether your test result is acceptable. You can get re-tested where you are staying.

If you are travelling to Italy, for example, with a negative test result in your COVID pass and you need to use the COVID pass for onward travel, you will need to take a new test in Italy. The test centre will provide you with an EU Digital COVID certificate, either digitally or on paper. You can use this as documentation at the airport or other points where documentation is required. This test will not be shown in your Faroese COVID pass.

Countries decide themselves when vaccinated travellers may enter

Countries decide themselves when vaccinated travellers may enter. Many countries require that travellers are fully vaccinated. This usually means 14 days after the second jab. Rules and requirements are different from one country to another, so it is best to check the details before travelling.

Faroese Representations and Danish Embassies can provide further information and links to the specific requirements in the countries where they are situated.

The COVID pass requires approved COVID testing

The EU Digital COVID certificate cannot be issued based on a COVID test that you have conducted yourself (antigen test). It can only be issued to those who have been tested by health personal and approved testing staff.


If you don’t have Samleikin, you can register as a user on the link below: