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Pay attention!

  • 1st and 2nd vaccination - There must be at least 21 days between the first and second vaccination.
  • 3rd vaccination - There must be at least 140 days - four and a half months - between the second and third vaccination.
  • Booster-vaccination - There mus be at least three monthe since the last vaccination - between the third and fourth vaccination.

You can get your vaccination here:

  • Tórshavn - Tjaldurs Apotek, R.C. Effersøes gøta (SMS) - book an appointment here
  • Klaksvík - Norðoya Apotek, Klaksvíksvegur - book an appointment here
  • Runavík - Eysturoyar Apotek, Mýravegur - book an appointment here
  • Tvøroyri - Suðuroyar Apotek, Undir Heygnum - book an appointment here
  • At your general practitioner - contact your general practitioner to book an appointment